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Knockout Game Video Footage

Here is some video of the knockout game. See how it happens, how it works, so you can at least be aware. This can be tough to watch.

To learn why we train in Krav Maga, and what we practice in class to give us our best chance at surviving these horrible attacks, read “The Knockout Game & More: 6 Days Ripped from Police Reports.”

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Master Ken Teaches His Two Hand Wrist Grab Defense

Master Ken Teaches His Two Hand Wrist Grab Defense

Thanks to Master Ken for creating another excellent training video. He makes it looks so easy! Watch him perform this useful defense if someone grabs your wrist. He takes decades of intense training and boils it all down to 50 seconds of visual poetry. Master Ken and his Two Hand Wrist Grab Defense Technique  

Your Fit to Fight® Fix: Get the Pluck Outta Here: Krav Maga Choke Defense

Ryan Hoover, co-founder of Fit to Fight®, a company that develops curriculum and trains and certifies local schools and their instructors to teach Krav Maga, demonstrates his favorite way to defend against a choke. He explains why he likes to teach this particular defense. Check it out and see what you think.

If you want to learn more about Ryan Hoover and his Krav Maga experience, read “Finding Krav Maga: Ryan Hoover, Fit to Fight, and His Hunt for Realism,” “Sparring and the Elbow Rule,” “Hard Ready: A Program to Build Your Emotional Toughness,” “A Safer Campus Now,” and “5 Ways to Lead By Example.”

Sam Sade Gives You A Krav Maga Overview

Sam Sade has a list of accolades, from his time in the Israeli Defense Forces to his body-building titles, to his experience training in Krav Maga with some of the most well-known instructors in the world. He has started Alpha Krav Maga International which certifies local schools and instructors to teach their students a solid curriculum.

To learn more about Sam Sade, read “Leave A Legacy Starting Now” and “5 Ways to Lead By Example“. Sam is also mentioned as an influence in “This Fighter’s Life: From Bully Target to Trainer of Champions” and “Master Paik Stays On Track with Krav Maga“.

Roy Elghanayan Krav Maga Inspiration Video

Here is a fun, high-tempo video of clips from various seminars Roy Elghanayan has led. Some of the krav maga techniques you’ll see him do look absolutely acrobatic. Elghanayan is a former Israeli Marine Paratrooper who now resides in Los Angeles.